Great Details

Nutrition For Maximum Performance

Excellent- so detailed, yet easy to follow- learn how to analyze the feed you are giving, balance it correctly, and, many times, realize you are using things you didn’t even need! You also learn the WHY of each nutrient and how it affects the horse, how their body utilizes it, and what to do in special circumstances- you learn what to use and how to use it correctly

Excellent Insights

Riding Instructor

I have very much enjoyed my course with Cherie. She has excellent insights and is VERY knowledgeable, so I’ve considered myself exceptionally fortunate to have her input, it has been great to have this experience and I’ll work hard not to let it go by the wayside.

Training Performance Horses

“I really loved the online availability of the material and the self-paced system” says Susan Dahl of Burgessville, Ontario, Canada. “The course is very thorough, with well-written instructions and plenty of photos. In my opinion, the course is excellent for adult learning because it has theory, then a practice session, followed by both a true-false and a narrative quiz,” says Dahl. “The course met all my expectations,” she said. “I wanted to learn to train performance horses, and I sure did.”

Form to Function

Conformation and Selection For Performance

What a great class! I have never looked at a horse that way before- and I will never look at them again the way I used to- and one of the most important things I leaned from this class is- WE are the cause for horses to not excel in the discipline they are working on- because we did not take the time and look IN DETAIL if the horse is built for that discipline or not…they might do ok, but if they are not built for it, they will never thrive- not only that, they will eventually have problems because of their body being pushed to do something it cannot support- one of the most important lessons from this: when you have a horse, you have what you have- they don’t have “errors” or “defects”- they are just built the way they are, and they might just not be built for what you want them to work.

This class is also helping me a lot with the Equine Massage class- I think one and the other are closely related

Learn the “Why”

Bits, Saddle Fitting and Hoof Balance

Not boring AT ALL- you have many assignments where you have to get to your horse and really try the things, analyze them, and work on them- for example, the hooves class- take pictures of your horse, measure their balance, compare them to the rest of the body, decide what the hoof would need to get done/ corrected for your horse to be in balance, etc- same with the bits and the saddles- and you actually have to go out there and talk to people- you learn to look at things from a different perspective, and realize how, even people who have been around horses for a long time, leave those things for others and don’t know how it is affecting the health and performance of their horses- they wonder why their horse is “off” and are not looking at those things