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Acupoint Classification $275.00
Acupoint Energetics and Landmark Anatomy $275.00
Bits, Saddle Fitting and Hoof Balance $275.00
The Business of Making Money With Horses $275.00
Conformation and Selection for Performance $275.00
Competitive Longe Line $275.00
Dressage: Foundation For All Riding Disciplines $275.00
Essential Oils and Acupressure for Horses $275.00
Equine Massage $275.00
Equine Photography $275.00
Equine Reproduction $275.00
Equine Safety & Rescue $275.00
Fit To Ride $275.00
Five Element Theory for Horses $275.00
Health and Disease Management $275.00
Horses in Motion $275.00
Legal Aspects of Horse Management $275.00
Meridian Theory $275.00
Nutrition for Maximum Performance $275.00
Preparation for Competition $275.00
Riding Instructor Role and Responsibilities $275.00 (* Prerequisite for Teaching Techniques)
Riding Instructor Teaching Techniques $275.00
Rev Up Your Dressage Scores $275.00
Ride Competitive Trail To Win $275.00
Showmanship In Hand $275.00
Stable Management $275.00
Stallion Management $275.00
 Overview to Traditional Chinese Medicine for Horses $275.00
Train a Reiner $275.00
Training Performance Horses $275.00
Train For Trail $275.00
Train For Western Riding $275.00
Understanding Equine Behavior $275.00

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