Academic Credentials

Assure your success!

A “degree” or “professional certification” has never been more critical than it is today for anyone wanting a career with horses.

It’s always been a fact that degrees and certifications assure greater financial rewards. Now it’s a fact that “credentials” are a requirement for career success within the horse industry.

As the cost of horses, competition, nutrition, housing and health care services soar, horse owners seek out and choose first to entrust their horses to someone with a record of “academic achievement.” Experience still counts; but not nearly so much as it does when built on a foundation of tested and proven knowledge. Establish yourself at a higher level of achievement.

Career success awaits those who are prepared educationally to accept it.

Equine Studies Institute students have the opportunity to study with an award-winning faculty that is unequaled; not “animal science” teachers, but horsemen and women with proven records of success within the fields they teach. Many faculty members have written the books and articles other colleges use as text.

Work one-on-one with instructors.

Complete 4-core courses and enjoy Associate Status-a free web page for your business, plus referrals. In addition to heightened professional recognition, take advantage of horse business and horse health related insurance discounts, plus discounts on computers and computer accessories.

No other higher learning program offers so many benefits at such an affordable price.